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Meet Stephanie Ramos, LMFTA...

Regardless of the particularities of our journey, opening ourselves to human connection is a courageous act.  My approach to therapy is grounded in my commitment to honoring this courage and creating space for my clients to share their story at a pace that feels safe for them.  In my clinical experience with individuals and families from a variety of backgrounds and age brackets, I have witnessed the significant impact of family and community relationships on clients’ experience of themselves.  

Over time, our experiences in social contexts create internalized stories about our identity and relationships, and these stories can be either life-giving or life-depleting.  These stories are also powerfully linked with our emotions, thoughts, and legitimate needs for human connection. At some point, most of us need additional support to shift narratives that have become constricting and are limiting our ability to live full, meaningful lives in relationship to ourselves and others. It is my firm belief that we are more than the sum of our experiences and the labels others have applied to us, and the process of therapy involves creating more room for choosing how we want to live and be in relationship to ourselves and our world.  

My approach to therapy is grounded in Family Systems Theory, Attachment Theory, Narrative Therapy, and Internal Family Systems Therapy.  However, I am also flexible and integrative with my approach in order to meet the unique needs of each client.  I am committed to treating my clients as whole people with emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and cultural dimensions that impact their overall well-being.  This involves acknowledging and utilizing the unique strengths and resources that have made clients resilient through their life challenges. 

More specifically, I am passionate about supporting clients who are navigating life transitions, working through complex trauma and loss, experiencing chronic shame and self-sabotage, or struggling with emotional care-taking and relationship boundaries.  I am also passionate about working with clients who need a safe space for wrestling with existential questions and issues related to spiritual or religious identity.  I work with adults, teenagers, and couples, and am committed to creating a safe space for my clients to strengthen their connection with self and others.  

Stephanie Ramos LMFTA



In network with many major insurance plans and EAP plans. Can take many plans out of network. Please call 425-409-6414 or inquire for details about your plan.




Cash, Check,  Major Credit Cards, HSA and FSA accounts

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